Burgos to Hornillos…

Today I walked from Burgos, Spain to Hornillos. I had forgotten how much I love this part of the Camino.  First, I walked out of Burgos  past the cathedral.  I didn’t remember seeing this statue last year, but honestly, last year I was so overwhelmed and tired because I had started in southern France. Perhaps I saw the statue and it just seemed new when I saw it today! I then continued following yellow arrows out of town, past the university. 

Pretty flat until a little bit later on, when it opened up into steep Rolling-hills. This was definitely the Meseta. The sun was hot, and although it’s only March, I worked up a sweat. Passed through Tardajos, which had a picturesque bell tower complete with nesting storks up top. The town seemed as sleepy and quiet as it did last year. 

By harmanygroves